Interactively monitor NONMEM runs. This interface is intentionally limited to monitoring runs, and does not include the ability to create, modify, launch or post-process runs since actions performed in the shiny app are not traceable/reproducible and not part of the workflow you create when scripting.

shiny_nm(m, envir = .GlobalEnv)



Either an nm object, or data.frame or list or environment contain nm_lists.


If missing, the environment to search.


No return value, called for side effects.



#' # create example object m1 from package demo files
exdir <- system.file("extdata", "examples", "theopp", package = "NMproject")
m1 <- new_nm(run_id = "m1", 
             based_on = file.path(exdir, "Models", "ADVAN2.mod"),
             data_path = file.path(exdir, "SourceData", "THEOPP.csv"))

shiny_nm() ## use all objects in global workspace
shiny_nm(m1) ## only m1

## if model objects are inside a tibble
d <- dplyr::tibble(m = m1)

shiny_nm(d$m) ## only d$m
shiny_nm(d) ## all nm_lists in d (data.frame/list/environment)