Get wide (or a long) tibble showing summary results.

  include_fields = character(),
  parameters = c("none", "new", "all"),
  m = TRUE,
  trans = TRUE

summary_long(..., parameters = c("none", "new", "all"))



Arguments passed to summary(), usually a vector of nm object + options.


Character vector of nm object fields to include as columns in the output. Default is empty.


Character. Either "none" (default), "new", or "all" indicating whether parameter values should be included in the summary tibble. Specifying "new" means that only parameters that aren't in the parent run are included in outputs. This is useful if wanting to know the value of an added parameter but not all the parameters (e.g. in a covariate analysis).


Logical (default = TRUE). Should model object be included as the m column.


Logical (default = TRUE). Should parameters be transformed in accordance with $THETA/$OMEGA/$SIGMA comments. This is only valid if parameters is "new" or "all.


A wide format tibble with run results. A long format tibble with run results coerced to character form.


## requires NONMEM to be installed

if (FALSE) {

summary_wide(c(m1, m2))
summary_long(c(m1, m2))