This is the underlying function used by: File -> New Project -> New Directory -> New NMproject. It creates a new analysis working directory with a directory structure similar to an R package.

  dirs = nm_default_dirs(),
  style = c("analysis", "analysis-package"),
  use_renv = FALSE,
  readme_template_package = "NMproject",



Character path (relative or absolute) to project. If just specifying a name, this will create the analysis project in the current working directory. See details for naming requirements.


Character list or vector. Default = nm_default_dirs(). Can also handle an ordered string which is supplied by the RStudio project template interface.


Character. Either "analysis" or "analysis-package" See details for path requirements and function behaviour.


Logical (default = FALSE). Should renv be used or not in project.


Package name from which to load the README template (default = "NMproject")




The function works like as is inspired by starters::create_analysis_project(). There is no restriction on directory name. It is therefore possible to violate R package naming conventions.

When style = "analysis" is selected, the analysis directory will be package-like in structure, with the package name "localanalysis". For style = "analysis-package", path should contain only (ASCII) letters, numbers and dot, have at least two characters and start with a letter and not end in a dot. See Description file requirements for more information.

This is to cater to users who like underscores and aren't interested in creating a package.

Default modelling directories

Default modelling directories can be modified with nm_default_dirs option (see options() for information on how to modify this). A (partially) named list of directories to be used by nm_create_analysis_project Required names are "models", "scripts" and "results". By default these are set to "Models", "Scripts" and "Results", respectively. Additional nameless characters (e.g. "SourceData") correspond to additional modelling directories.


intended for unmodified source datasets entering the analysis project.


intended for cleaned and processed NONMEM ready datasets


intended for all R scripts


intended for all NONMEM modelling


intended as default location for run diagnostics, plots and tables

See also

nm_default_dirs() for modifying default directory structure.